Hello church family and friends, 

We recognize the importance of spiritual health.  The longer we stay separated from each other, the more vulnerable we become, both as individual believers and as a body. The physical health and concerns of our friends and neighbors are also important to us. We recognize we are members of a larger community which expect us to do our part  as a responsible church family.


We need to keep a healthy and reasonable balance between these two imperatives as we work all together to make the transition to church re-opening a success. We want to be sure we are proceeding with wisdom and caution in respecting the safe guidelines for this season, so:


1. We will offer our services in a virtual church setting. During this period our schedules will be:

- Divine hour Streaming- Sat. 11:00am- YouTube Channel / LIVE STREAM PAGE.

- Virtual Sabbath school- Sat. 10:00am- ZOOM Meeting.

- Virtual Prayer meeting- Wed. 7:00pm- ZOOM Meeting.

   ZOOM Meeting
             Meeting ID: 774 893 8820

             Passcode: 2021

2. We also plan to open the possibility for you to worship in person. We are happy to serve those who desire to come to church, as long as you’re willing to help us in following the safe guidelines: 

  • Be sure you’re healthy. We'll provide health screening at the church, but, please screen yourself before coming. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, please stay home.
  • Do you have a fever? (temperature under 100.4 degrees)
  • Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?
  • Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19? 
  • Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat? 
  • Have you had new loss of taste or smell? 
  • Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours? 


If you are healthy and not in a high risk condition you are welcome to attend as long as you are willing to meet the remaining  guidelines:

  • Please wear a face covering.
  • Maintain a 6-foot distance between people from different household. (including seating)
  • No handshaking, hugging, etc.
  • No sharing of printed material, or other touchable objects.
  • Limit the use of restroom facilities (one at the time in the area and keeping neatness).
  • Utilize hand sanitizer often (available at each entry way)
  • Keep children with you at all times, ensuring their compliance.


During this period all presencial services but prayer meetings will be held at the same schedule. 

Let me say all this is also awkward to me as a Pastor, accustomed to encourage a close worship. I do trust that you, my church family, will understand and forgive this temporary approach and continue to pray for God’s leading, protection, and blessing.

Your Pastor and Friend,

- Daniel Spencer

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